How to Choose the Right Colored Contact Lenses

You don’t have to wait for another Halloween to wear colored contact lenses. Find the right color and change your eye color; whether you want to appear bold, subtle or simply adopt a new look, the trick is in your eye. If you want to enhance your look after a unique and crazy Halloween look, colored contact lenses should be your partner.

You have two options for color contact lenses; either Plano or the prescription lenses.

Prescription color contacts go beyond changing your eye color. They can be used to correct eye complications like hyperopia, myopia, and astigmatism.

Plano color contact lenses are not for vision correction in anyway. The lens power is zero. These contact lenses are exclusively for cosmetic purposes; they change your eye color.

Obviously, colored contact lenses will cost you more than ordinary lenses; but it is never a concern because of its significance to your look. The enhancement is more than the cost even if you add some other costy items like Systane Ultra to your basket.

Types of color contact lenses

Color contact lenses are worn like other ordinary lenses according to eye curvature; however, colored lenses focus on the iris, the part that determines eye color. Basically, the lenses mimic natural look of the iris.

The iris is characterized by colored shapes and lines depending on origin of a person; blue and green eyes are determined by the iris. The contact lenses are hard to identify because they are designed to match natural look of this coloring part of the eye. Most of colored lenses are designed with colored lines and spots for specific colors to achieve different eye colors.

Center of the colored lens is not clear, just like the pupil. It is free of color for clarity of sight.

Colored lenses are available in various tints:


Enhancement tint

This type of colored lens is dark in color. It is best for people with light colored eyes. The primary purpose of these lenses is enhancement. Just like the name suggests, the lens enhance the natural color of your eyes. It intensifies your look for an outstanding appearance.

Visibility tint

These lenses have nothing to do with cosmetic value. However, you can still use the blue or green tint to achieve certain beauty looks. The tints are mild and intended to ease the insertion and removal processes. Also, it is easier to locate a visibility tent when it falls because of the color. The faint color does not interfere with your visibility.

Opaque tint

This is common for people with dark eyes. The color is intense; it completely changes your eye color. Opaque tints are available in a variety of colors; violet, green, blue, brown, gray, and hazel. This is exclusively for cosmetic purposes; you can wear different opaque tints in different days for different looks. Eyes have significant impact on an individual’s face; opaque tints result in enormous change of looks.

Opaque tints allow you to be creative and have fun. You can achieve the vampire and most crazy Halloween looks by playing around these tints.

Which is the right color?

Colored contact lenses are mostly for cosmetic value; suitability of a color is dependent on the look you want to achieve. Also, skin color and hair color determine choice of colored lens. It can be for an official cosmetic look or dramatic or subtle enhancement.

The main consideration for choosing the right color for contact lenses is color of your eyes; light and dark eyes.

Dark eyes

People with dark eyes will not benefit much from enhancement tints because they are light in color and only seek to intensify the natural color. Opaque tints are the most suitable for dark eyes because they completely change the eye color. Dark skin also needs bold colors to stand out from the crowd. 

Light eyes

If you have light eyes and want to improve your appearance but in a subtle way, enhancement tints are the most effective. You can also opt for different colors to change eye color but maintain natural look.