Circuito Torres del Paine “O and W” FKT

Photo by Joel Wolpert Photo by Joel Wolpert

On January 21st I ran the O and W circuit at Torres del Paine National Park Chile, Patagonia.  This FKT was in conjunction with a 2 week running adventure around Patagonia with Joel Wolpert (Producer of “In the High Country” with Anton Krupicka) and Jeremy Wolf.

Look for a teaser on the video covering our trip at and a full article about the trip in Trail Runner Magazine.

I woke up at 3:20am at the Las Torres campground, packed up, drove to the trail with Joel.  Joel and I walked to the trail junction between Valle Ascencio and the main trail.  I started running a few seconds after 4AM.  I ran up the valley to Lago Torres, back down, then east (counter clock-wise).


My splits:

-Lago Torres (end of Valle Ascencio) 4.52 miles, 1:12

-Back down to start and finish/trail junction, 9.05 miles, 2:12

-Camp Seron, 19.54 miles, 3:46

-Refugio Dickson, 30.88 miles, 5:39

-Pass, 40.84 miles, 8:09

-End of French Valley 62.39, 13:16

-Finish, 75.60 miles, 16:20


16 Hours 20 Minutes

75.6 Miles (121.67 Kilometers)

20,100 Feet (6,126.5 Meters) Total Climbing


Thank you Presenting Sponsors

-Altra Footwear

-VitargoS2 (Race Fueling)

-Flora Health (Nutrition)

-SmartWool (Apparel)




  1. James Madson January 28, 2014 10:59 am  Reply

    Awesome effort. Your video of your Pyrenees adventure (as well as this post) with your friends got me psyched for more trips like that in my life. Thanks!


  2. Kendrick Callaway January 30, 2014 7:30 am  Reply

    Awesome job, Jason! Can’t wait to get out for a run and hear all about it. Oh, looking forward to the video as well.

  3. Dave February 4, 2014 9:23 am  Reply

    Sounds like a fun adventure, and I can’t wait to hear more about it! Patagonian terrain is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and I’ve lived in BC and Colorado.

    I see that Altra sponsored this trip. I’m curious what you’re wearing on your feet these days?

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