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It has been a long time since I have posted.  School, racing, running and family has kept me busy and I have not been posting as much as I would like.

Tarawera 100k... My Rock Bottom of the Never Ending Season Photo Tarawera 100k… My Rock Bottom of the Never Ending Season

Training and the Never Ending Season-

With regards to running, racing and training, I don’t have much sexy content to really report, as I have been recovering from Run Rabbit Run 100 mile and having my so called “off season”.  My body was ready for a break.  Last summer was a big season, a season where I raced a bit too much and my body was flat and tired out.  While finishing my first 100 mile, The Grindstone 100 mile was a huge accomplishment, my body was worn out.  After Grindstone I didn’t have much of a break as we traveled to New Zealand, began bike touring and I got prepared for the Kepler Challenge 60k. At Kepler I was tired and I really had a rough finish to the race.  As I bike toured and Maggie, Felix and I had the time of our lives, I continued to push myself and not really take a good solid break.  I just needed a few weeks without hours of exercise a day and I didn’t do that.  As Tarawera 100k came around I received the message loud and clear that I was worked and that I was in no shape to race, despite having the mental willingness.  Back in the US, we arrived just in time for spring and the beginning of  the northern hemispheres season for racing.  I made a little bit of ground on my fitness, but Leona in late April was a suffer fest.  In May I took a strong stance to “feel good” or don’t do it approach to training and that lead to my eventual breaking of a bad slump of running that lasted from September to May… nearly 9 months of lack luster running and energy levels.

June through August has been a dream come true, a progressive increase in fitness and performance crescendoing to an amazing race experience at Run Rabbit Run 100 mile.  It has been a long road and I am doing my best to learn from this experience.  My body was tired and I have NOT had a Nick Clark, Ian or Tim Olson turn around  from Run Rabbit Run!  Five and a half weeks after racing, my legs finally feel fresh and ready to run on the trails.

Jeremy Wolf and I Sporting Julbos Jeremy Wolf and I Sporting Julbos


I have had the amazing opportunity to join the Julbo Sunglasses team for 2014.  I am ecstatic to be able to sport the very best in mountain specific eyewear and run with the likes of Joe Grant, Mike Wolfe, Ian Sharman and Mike Wardian to just name some of my trail running teammates.  Hoka continues to grow and improve and I am really excited for 2014 and the same deal with Flora.  Flora has been integral in my nutritional strategy that has resulted in great improvements and results in 2013 and I look forward to another year with Flora.

Family Time With Felix Family Time With Felix


Montana Trail Crew-

I have joined with some great friends in brining (they have done all the work) the world an amazing website dedicated to trail running and more specifically trail running in Montana. is a spectacular place to get information about trail running, Montana trail running and racing. Furthermore you can find race reports, race previews and read interesting opinions on what is going on with our sport at the site.  This November Montana Trail Crew will be bringing a Fall Trail Running Film Festival event to Missoula… details coming soon, but not something to miss if you are able to make it out to Big Sky Country!

Douglass Cabin Creek


I am attempting to get the wheels rolling in preparation for the notorious North Face Endurance Challenge 50 mile in San Francisco.  TNF SF is really the premier North American Winter Ultra and can arguably be called the world’s premiere race for the winter season. Just like everyone else, I am not sure how the body will feel in early December, but it sure will be fun getting ready.  I always love racing in Marin County CA and hanging with great trail running friends.


Grey Wolf Peak, Mission Mtns Grey Wolf Peak, Mission Mtns


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