Mount Sentinel FKTs

Photo By Chad Harder, Missoula Independent

Here is a listing of Fastest Known Times (FKTs) for running up Mount Sentinel, aka “Mount Woody” in Missoula Montana. The climb starts at around 3,200ft and ascends to just under 5,000ft for an appx 1,800ft climb over just short of 2 miles.  The route for this FKT is the same (or very near) as the route used at The Sentinel Hill Climb race.  The route starts at the trail head (fence/gate on the stairs specifically) for the “M”, takes the switchbacks up to the base and then under the “M”, then makes the ridge and stays on the most direct trail climbing the ridge and then up the final slope (windsock just on the left) to the highest point on the summit of Mt. Sentinel.  I have used the race results from the Sentinel Hill Climb over the last 2 years along with my outings with friends as the baseline for FKTs.

I MORE than welcome any comments and first hand reliable FKT updates for this listing!


1) Andrew Drobeck 20:35   2012 Race

2) Mike Wolf 21:19               2012 Race

3) Justin Yates 21:30           2012 Race

4) Jason Schlarb 21:44        July 8th ’13 with Patrick Murphy and Jeremy Wolf during a thunderstorm

5) Ray Hunt 22:02               2012 Race

6) Jeremy Wolf 22:21          2012 Race

7) Adam Jensen 22:58         2012 Race

8) Adam Wollant 23:03       2012 Race

9) Patrick Murphy 23:07     July 15th ’13 with Jason Schlarb and Jeremy Wolf.  Included a little puking at the top!

10) Elliot Basset 23:26           2012 Race


Nicole Hunt 24:46                 2012 Race



  1. Nicole Hunt October 27, 2013 6:31 pm  Reply

    David Morris UM athlete and former American record in the marathon, now living in Helena, won MT Sentinel Hill Climb in the mid 1990s in 20:01. He broke Mike Lynes record of 21:00 set in the 80s. I think Wayne Rolstin had the record before that in 21 something.
    Love this race. Glad you are keeping top 10!

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