Tea Time


Tea has become more and more part of my daily routine.  I don’t drink coffee, so tea is my go to hot beverage. Flora has a seriously wide range of great tasting teas that are of premium quality to include a vast selection of medicinal teas like Cold Stop, Deep Cleanse, Sleep Well, Anti Oxidant. Having these great medicinal teas are a great natural first defense and health benefit for me and my family.

My go to favorite teas are Rooibos Chai (sweet and spicy) and Soothing Chamomile (chill out before bed).

Get your tea on! If you have any questions on any of the teas, I’ve tried them all, go ahead and ask.

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  1. Matcha Green Tea October 28, 2016 3:25 am  Reply

    Hey there,
    i am a great Tea Lover ..
    Specially Matcha Green Tea,
    Does Flora have Matcha Green tea Flavour to try on ?

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