Flora Product Review: Sambu Guard


Flora is my go too product line for all of my nutritional supplemets, teas and a number of other healthy goodies. Once a month I’m going to briefly talk about a Flora Product, what I think about it, how I use it and why I use it on this site.

This month: Sambu Guard and lozenges

My biggest injury risk is the common cold.  Between having a 5 year old and running my body to the edge of it’s limits, my biggest risk to completing training is getting a cold.

When someone in the family gets a cold or I’m feeling run down, I start using Sambu products to help defend and boost my system.  Sambu has ultra high quality elderberry extract, echinecha and is high in Vitamin C. The Sambu lozenges also have zinc, a great supplement for battling a cold.

I often put Sambu in my smoothie or take it straight… no nasty medicine here, it is delicious. Seriously, I’d like to drink the whole bottle (so does Felix, my son).  I’ll use the lozenges throughout the day while on the go.

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